How to Bet on Golf

Due to the many participants in any given golf tournament, the payout for one golfer to win the tournament can be HUGE. You may think it is impossible to pick only one winner, but actually it isn’t. Steve from and anyone who followed all of his golf picks last year won 167.23 units. This means that if you risked $100/unit you would have won $16,723 in profit. Bettors only risking $10/unit won $1672.30. Continue reading below to learn How to Bet on Golf.

There are three main types of bets for a golf tournament. Note that although we list the main/popular types of bets, there will always be sports books out there that offer different types of wagers in addition to these main ones.

How to Bet on Golf: Outright Winner (Tournament Winner)

The most appealing (and profitable) type of golf bet, a bettor selects one golfer to win the tournament outright. “Outright” means the golfer must finish the tournament in first place. If there is a tie for first at the end of regulation, the tied opponents must play a playoff round to decide who is the winner. All participants whom are tied will play hole-by-hole, until a participant wins. An example for this would be if one player received a birdie on a playoff hole, while the other made par. The player with the birdie would win the tournament at this point.

Outright selections can pay anywhere from 3 to 1 odds (usually Tiger Woods’ odds) and can go past 1000 to 1. Like any other sport, there are several factors that determine what the odds are for each golfer, but you can expect to see the odds mentioned above.

Just image checking the scores on Sunday, and realizing the golfer you bought at 50 to 1,  70 to 1, maybe even 200 to 1 odds, WON THE TOURNAMENT. It does happen quite often and is a very satisfying feeling. There is no greater thrill in the entire world of sports betting. Your bankroll instantly increases thousands of dollars at once.

“Betting the Field”- You may notice when making your outright selection(s) that your sports book has a line titled “the field” and odds listed beside it. If you place a wager on “the field”, you are betting that a golfer not listed by the sports book will win the tournament (any other golfer not listed).

Tournament Matchups (Head to Head)

A head to head (aka tournament match-up) is a wager on one golfer to beat another on the scoreboard. Think of it as a “golf money line”. Two golfers are paired by the sports book for wagering purposes only, and the golfer you select must have a lower score than the other golfer he is paired with at the end of the tournament for your wager to win.

Round Betting (Matchups by round)

Round betting is also available by most sports books and offers matchup betting by the round: Tournament Matchup wagers, and group betting wagers can be placed on only the 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd or 4th round. Typically, before the tournament begins, only lines for the 1st round will be released. Once the first round is over, the second round lines will be released, and so on and so forth.

Group Betting

Group Betting offers the chance for a bettor to wager on one winner of a select group of golfers determined by the sports book. Your selection must have a lower score than the other opponents in the group in order for your selection to win.  If one of the other participants in the group score is lower than your selection, your selection will lose. Usually a tie (between 2 participants) will result in half of the odds being paid out.

how to bet on golf

“Six Shooter”- A wager on one golfer to beat the other 5 in their group.

That’s really all you need to know to begin betting on golf. Remember to sign up for Steve’s Golf Picks and start seeing massive profits this golf season!