How to Bet on Baseball

With 2430 games played each and every MLB regular season, you may want to take a few minutes to learn How to Bet on Baseball. Baseball is another very popular sport bet on each and every day (of the season) in North America.

how to bet on baseball


 As you can see, the three main types of baseball bets are: Handicap (Spread- Known in Baseball as “Run Line”), Money Line, and Total.

For any of these bets to be valid, both listed starting pitchers must start the game and throw at least one pitch. The names in orange listed under each team name are the presumed  starting pitchers for the event (N.Eovaldi and R. Ohlendorf in this example). If these starting pitchers change, your wager will be “cancelled” (money will be refunded and there will be “no action”). Depending on your sports book, you may be able to select action regardless of if the starting pitcher, or may be able to select only 1 of the 2 to start. Be advised though, that the odds will be adjusted based on your selection(s).

 How to Bet on Baseball Run Line

In baseball, the Handicap aka Run Line is a “spread” for baseball, similar to the “puck line” in hockey betting (read more about puck lines). By default, the run line will be set at 1.5, and as you can see in our example, the Nationals are the favorite of the match-up, and are -1.5 with odds of 2.36 for the run line. If you remember our “Buying Points” example from our NFL Betting article (click here to read more), you know that “buying points” is the ability to adjust the spread, and receive different odds based on your new selection. Based on our example below- if you feel the Nationals can cover more than 1.5 points, you can select -2 with odds of 2.81, or -2.5 with odds of 3.11. If you decide to make one of these selections, then the standard run line of -1.5 will have nothing to do with your wager. If you select -2 @ 2.81, then the Nationals MUST win by 3 points for your wager to win, if they win by exactly 2 points, your wager is a “push” and your money is refunded. You can also buy points for the underdog, but beware: if you add more points to an underdogs run line, you are sacrificing a far lower payout.

how to bet on baseball

Betting Baseball Totals

Aside from the standard “total” wager for the combined points of both teams in a match, (click here if you need to read more about how totals work) you can also wager on team totals: a wager Over or Under a total set by the oddsmaker for only one team in the match. You are wagering on one team to score Over or Under the points listed by your sports book. Note that your current sports book(s) may not offer this type of bet.

how to bet on baseball

Betting the 1st Half

If your baseball handicapping is based mostly on who the starting pitchers are, 1st half betting may be for you. 1st half bets offer the ability to wager on the outcome of only the first half of the game (which the starting pitchers generally pitch for). You can bet on a winner of the first half, and over or under a total of the first half.

What is considered the “1st half”?- Most major sports books consider the first half to be 5 complete innings, however some books consider the first half to be 4 1/2 innings. You will have to consult with your sports books rules on first half bets to be certain.

→You should now have a solid understanding of how baseball betting works. Click Here to sign up for some Free MLB Picks and put your knowledge to the test!←