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Kevin, the owner/operator of MLBpredictions.organd his members who followed his Free MLB Picks have profited 73.25 Units over the past two years.

What does +73.25 units mean?

$10 bettors profited $732.50

$25 bettors profited $1831.25

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We have been following Kevin’s picks for a couple years now. There isn’t day in the season that goes by where you don’t have an email in your inbox from Kevin with his daily pick(s). Even if Kevin doesn’t like any of the match-ups on board for the day, he is courteous enough to send an email stating *NO PLAY* (which does not happen often, but sometimes there just isn’t any value on the betting board)

 Kevin sends out a very descriptive email to his members at least once daily. Sometimes, the email is sent the night prior to a particular game, and sometimes there are multiple emails per day (containing multiple picks).

 Kevin’s emails always contain:

Starting Pitchers: (Very important as a change in pitcher will most certainly change the odds of the match-up)

The odds Kevin received on his selection (Ex: -110)

Units Risked/To Win: How many units Kevin is risking, to Win. (Ex: 2 units to win 1.95 units)

And of course, Kevin’s selection to win the game. Along with Kevin’s selection is a very descriptive paragraph equipped with stats depicting all the reason Kevin feels his selection should win.

Along with Kevin’s free picks, he also has EXCLUSIVE PICKS sent to paying members only. He has shared great success with his members over the past two years with his paid picks. Kevin made $100 bettors $7325.

How do the paid picks work? You pay a low one-time fee up front, and get all of his picks all season long sent directly to your email inbox! Note that some bettors out there pay as much for one days picks as Kevin charges for an entire season!

When purchasing Kevin’s Exclusive MLB Picks, know that ClickBank (the retailer of the product), offers a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Kevin’s services, you will receive a FULL REFUND from ClickBank. Also note that ClickBank accepts many payment options including Paypal.

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