Steve’s Golf Picks

Do you seek winning Golf Picks? Meet Steve, the best golf handicapper in the world.


Just take a look at the results of Steve’s Golf Picks over the last seven years:

2012: Outright +159.53 units, Head to Head +7.70
2011: Outright +58 units, Head to head +11.20
2010: Outright +22 units, Head to head +13.30
2009: Outright +132 units, Head to head +19.50
2008: Outright +46 units, Head to head +12
2007: Outright +77 units, Head to head +22.70
2006: Outright +46 units, Head to head +3.90

In 2012, $100 bettors won $16,723

In 2011, $100 bettors won $6920

In 2010, $100 bettors won $3530

In 2009, $100 bettors won $15,150

In 2008, $100 bettors won $5800

In 2007, $100 bettors won $9970

In 2006, $100 bettors won $4990


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If you are looking to make some serious cash by investing in sports, we highly recommend you sign up for Steve’s picks. He has a fantastic proven track record of 630.83 units in 7 years. Last year alone, Steve brought his members 159.53 units outright + 7.7 Head to Head, for a total of 167.23 units. $100 bettors won $16,723.00 in 2012 alone.

Looking at the last seven years Steve has been handicapping golf for, betting $100 per unit, would have earned you $63,083 in only 7 years. Please actually consider that number for a minute. Better yet- consider the number for those who are able to bet $1000 per unit with Steve’s picks. These bettors have won $630,830 in seven years simply by placing the bets Steve tells them to place one a week

How They Work

Steve sends out an email once weekly (usually Tuesday) containing a copious amount of information for the upcoming tournament that week.

The first section of the email is usually a recap of the previous weeks tournament as well as a general introduction to this weeks tournament. Following the introduction is a breakdown of this weeks course. (Location, Par, Yards, Records etc). After this is a brief description of the players competing in this weeks tournament.

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On to the picks:

The final section of the email is Steve’s six-pack system. He lists each golfer in the six pack and has a write-up about why he thinks each one should win. Obviously it is very difficult to pick just one winner in a field of well over 100+ golfers for any particular tournament. So, to maximize chances of winning, Steve selects six golfers to win the tournament outright. Steve places (and recommends placing) 1 % of his bankroll on each golfer (in the six pack) to win the tournament outright. Steve also frequently has head to head match-ups (one golfer to beat another on the scoreboard). If he has any this week they are at the bottom of the email with a write-up on each selection.

It may sound sort of crazy that you are placing bets on six different people to win, when only one can win the tournament, but by wagering on 6 different people to win you are drastically increasing your chances of winning.

If one of the golfers in the six pack has won the tournament, you would win the corresponding amount of units based on the odds of the golfer, and you lose the other 5 outright bets. Say the winner of the tournament was bought at 50 to 1 odds. You win 50 units for having the correct golfer and lose 1 unit each on the remaining 5 losing golfers in your six-pack. 50-5= 45 units of profit for the tournament.  Also, as an added bonus there are Steve’s head to head selections for the week, which can usually bring in 2 to 4 units a week on their own.

Are Steve’s Picks Free?

Yes, and no. Steve releases ONE of SIX golfers in his weekly six-pack, free, to his free picks subscribers. You can sign up for any free picks Steve may release here. As you now know, the six pack system relies on having all six of those golfers, so you may want to seriously consider purchasing Steve’s six-pack system if you really want to see some nice profits this golf season. Did you miss the start of the season? No problem! You can sign up for Steve’s six-pack system at any time during the season! (the price will be discounted accordingly). Steve has profited for the last seven years earning his members 630.83 units. Last year Steve won members 167.23 units: $100 bettors profited $16,723. As an added bonus, Steve’s picks also come with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you can request a full refund within 60 days.